.URUKUST handmade leather products harmonize simplicity, function and style. Our innovative designs focus on simple structures that eliminate the unnecessary. Our full grain leather is vegetable tanned to our own uncompromising specifications, producing a unique, durable leather that feels luxurious, withstands daily use and ages beautifully. All .URUKUST products are made in our own studio with the finest craftsmanship. We are committed to helping people understand the importance and joy of craft design and production.




土平 恭栄  yasue tsuchihira



Started leather craft at age 13.
Studied design at Kuwasawa Design School and started working in the field of bag and accessory design.
Founded .URUKUST in 2011.




2011 .URUKUST設立
2011 台東デザイナーズビレッジに入居
2014 横浜市都筑区にアトリエを移転
2014 10月 FLANGEplywoodと共に株式会社上田制作室設立し、ショールームをオープン


2011   Founded .URUKUST
2011   Moved into Taito Designers-Village
2014   Moved the atelier to Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama City
2014   Established Ueda-seisakushitsu Inc. and opened a showroom in October, in partnership with FLANGE plywood




2012より 女子美術大学プロダクトデザイン専攻非常勤講師
2012より (株)東急ハンズ レザークラフト教材の企画デザイン・ワークショップ講師など
2014より (株)誠和 レザークラフト教室「.SEIWA×.URUKUSTハンドメイドレザーレッスン」企画デザイン・講師  


2012-   Adjunct instructor in product design at Joshibi University of Art and Design
2012-   Planner, designer and instructor of leather craft workshops in Tokyu Hands
2014-   Planner, designer and instructor of “SEIWA X .URUKUST Handmade Leather Craft Class”




2012 Japan Leather Award 審査員特別賞


2012   Received a special recognition at Japan Leather Award